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A land where historic battles were fought, a land that witnesses romance blossom in the most grandiose manner, a land where colours and celebrations form the very ethos of the state’s social fabric. Welcome to the state of Rajasthan, an epic tale of valour, love and festivity.

Once a princely state and home to several Rajputana Kingdoms, the state of Rajasthan has seen several brave warriors emerge from its soil, who ruled from their magnificent forts and palaces. These structures even today, after many hundred years, stand tall in all their glory. Be it the magnificent City Palace in Jaipur, the iconic Umaid Bhawan Palace or Lake Palace in Udaipur, which are now heritage hotels, attract a lot of tourists year after year. While some come to celebrate lavish weddings in the most royal set up, others come for the sheer experience of luxury and comfort.

Rajasthan is rightfully India’s regal asset, but looking at it only through that prism will be unfair to the varied layers that it has. Driving through the humble...

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