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Pristine beaches, beautiful ancient temples, enchanting hill stations and lip smacking local cuisine, Tamil Nadu is a potpourri of experiences. Located in the southernmost part of India, the state is a living museum that takes immense pride in its traditional values that are still preserved in local art and literature.

Driving through the streets of Chennai, Tamil Nadu’s capital city, you’ll be mesmerized by the contrasting visuals you come across. On one hand, you’ll find traditionally dressed men and women sitting on the porch of their Dravidian-styled homes and on the other, smartly dressed employees walking into their swanky, glass walled offices. These modern yet deep-rooted cultural traditions of the state is what makes it a fascinating place to visit.

Every city in the state has something unique to offer, which makes it one of the most distinct states in India. The Marina beach in Chennai attracts both locals and tourists alike, the Meenakshi Temple in Madurai is an important Hindu religious place...

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