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Ari Atoll is one of the largest atolls in the Maldives and boasts a plethora of lovely dive spots. Avid diving enthusiasts would be glad to know that most liveaboards (luxury cruise boats) visit the atolls. Scuba diving is best enjoyed by booking these luxury boats. Ari Atoll is also home to numerous resorts with their own dive centres and most of them also offer diving excursions.

This huge natural atoll has two parts, Northern Ari Atoll and Southern Ari Atoll, together comprising around 105 islands and roughly 20 of these islands have been turned into spectacular tourist resorts – from diving to tennis – the resorts offer plenty of recreational facilities. As you explore the diving scene, you will find that it is pretty extensive here and is usually defined in terms of location, Northern Ari Atoll or Southern Ari Atoll.

For a dreamy diving and snorkelling experience, visit the well-developed Ukulhas Island – you just may get to swim with gigantic turtles! To spot colourful coral reef and marine life such...

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