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Picture a natural underwater as well as on the surface paradise, that’s Baa Atoll for you! Designated as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, the Baa Atoll offers excellent opportunities for snorkelling and diving. The beaches are simply out of the world. The Fulhadhoo Island’s beach here is said to be one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. A serene fishing village, gently swaying palms, milky-white sands and dazzling blue waters set the scene just right for swimming with dolphins and turtles.

The ones who want to totally feel disconnected from the hurry and strife of civilisation would perhaps want to visit Fehendhoo. This sparsely populated island has a small village hugged by a lush green jungle.

Want to feel like as if you are walking on water? Head to Finolhu Kanifushi Island. A long strip of pristine white sands connects this island to other small nearby islands.

To enjoy a spectacular birdwatching experience, visit the southernmost uninhabited island of Olhugiri. Its unique natural vegetation...

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