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Col. Alagh

Le Passage Travel Foundation (Shaping Lives) is my baby. I raised it as the first Travel Foundation in the country on behalf of Le Passage to India in June 2010. We started with a mere 9 grass root level NGOs, working primarily with children and animals in the Indian Golden Triangle tourist pride, of Delhi-Jaipur-Agra. It took over 6 months of in depth assessment to authenticate, elicit their acceptance to be satellite support organisations, and empanel them. We evolved with time and today, my outreach has a base of over 35 NGOs working in diverse fields, across Indian tourist destinations.

Over the years, I have observed a subtle change in tourists’ minds. Today's visitor believes in responsible tourism. They wish to 'give back' to a cause, even if only for one afternoon. At times, their choice of travel agent revolves around one who can enable this. That is where Shaping Lives steps in. Catering to the inbound tourist of India's leading DMC, it has been my endeavor to...

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