Adding soul to sun' n sand

Col. Alagh

I gave you an overview of what Shaping Lives is in my previous blog. Moving on. The work I do is not a profession …. it’s my calling. Personally I prefer to engage in hands on community service, and I devote at least 8 -10 days a month for this. Keeps me grounded and gives me a high.

Notwithstanding personal traits, I also see good CSR as a business tool, for both our international partners (FTOs) and our Company. As I mentioned earlier, today’s traveler is ‘responsible’ ….wants to ‘give back’. While our operational teams layout the delightful ‘sun’ element in the Indian itinerary, between us, we as a DMC or service provider, have to not just provide the desirous client the ‘social footprint’ opportunity of their choice, but to also ensure that they return content of ‘soul’ after this outing. A visit into an NGO/NPO has to be as incredible as their travel experience. And that exotic ‘soul’...

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